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I’m a Medical Intuitive Vibrational Therapist and my goal is to help you to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH, EMOTIONAL BALANCE, and SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Vibrational Medicine incorporates both powerful personalized vibrational remedies for the treatment of physical issues and most effective therapeutic approaches to MENTAL and EMOTIONAL wellbeing and SPIRITUAL growth. It is a truly holistic approach that treats the root cause of imbalances, both on physical and subtle levels. If you are looking for Natural, Effective, and Holistic Medicine, please contact me.

Eugenie Young

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The main aim of my work is to help my clients to return to their optimal state of health as quickly, safely, and effectively as possible. Trained in Mental Health Psychology and Alternative Medicines, Eugenie has practiced Complementary Psychotherapy and Counselling and Vibrational Medicine with hundreds of clients over the past decade, successfully combining mainstream psychology with tried and tested complementary modalities.

Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine is one of my most comprehensive and effective treatment offerings.


Counselling is a therapy that allows you to express and talk through your concerns and feelings.

Complementary Psychotherapy

Depending on your situation, you might experience a combination of psychotherapeutic techniques

Emotional Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an ancient healing art that uses essential oils and plant extracts.


I treat you by getting to know the Whole You. When you submit the Client Questionnaire, I take my time to build your physiological, psychological and spiritual profiles, based on your physical and emotional symptoms, frequencies of your name and date of birth, and the state of your subtle biology.  With the help of ancient techniques, my skills and knowledge of conventional and complementary psychology and physiology, and subtle anatomy, I get insight into your strengths and weaknesses, talents and untapped potentials, deeper aspirations and obstructions, relationships with yourself and others. This information helps me find the root cause of your issue.


Your treatment will involve counselling and complementary psychotherapy and, most likely, vibrational remedies (sent by post). Conscious mental-emotional work and spiritual understanding are the backbone of the therapeutic part of the treatment, as most physical issues are deeply rooted in psychological issues and mental overload and destructive beliefs. Therapeutic work is done via the Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, or telephone. Please connect with me at the agreed time on +44 (0)7807290032. Vibrational remedies are sent via the post.


When the cause is clearly defined, 50% of healing is achieved. The rest is down to your strong desire to heal, active participation and keeping an open mind. Your first appointment is the most intense, as, together, we uncover the multi-faceted You, starting the process of rebalancing and harmonizing you. You discover many qualities of your Being you never knew existed. You learn how to develop your positive traits and transform those not serving you any longer.


Your peace of mind and trust are very important to me. It is my promise to you that our work together will remain strictly confidential and will never be shared with any third parties (please read about exceptional circumstances on the Frequently Asked Questions page). I will also ask all my clients NOT to record our sessions for confidentiality purposes.

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All appointments take place via digital media: Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, phone, etc.

Phone +44 7807 290032

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