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A Medical Intuitive, Vibrational Medicine Practitioner and Complementary Psychotherapist, I offer a unique approach to the healing of physical and emotional issues. I combine powerful personalized vibrational remedies with effective psychotherapeutic techniques. It is a holistic approach that targets the root cause of imbalances, both on physical and subtle levels. If you are looking for focused and effective treatment and are not afraid to explore a completely different dimension to healing, contact me and book your initial consultation here.

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The main aim of my work is to help my clients to return to their optimal state of wellbeing fast, safely, and permanently. Trained in mental health psychology and alternative medicines, I have practised my work with clients from all over the world. Over the past decade, I have witnessed many ‘miraculous’ recoveries and the most incredible changes in people’s lives. Some happened literally overnight; others took time, allowing my clients to gradually evolving through the process. Every healing is unique and precious as is every individual experiencing it.

Vibrational Medicine

A most comprehensive and effective treatment that knows no limits, alleviating imbalances of physical and subtle nature


A safe and compassionate space to explore any issue, feeling or discomfort on your path to peace, balance and happiness

Complementary Psychotherapy

A combination of ancient and modern psychotherapeutic tools that are sharp, challenging, and effective

Spiritual Counselling & Energy Rebalancing

Helps you heal, reconnect with your inner Self and experience an expanded version of You and Reality


I will find the root causes of your issues by first getting to know the whole You. When you submit the Client Questionnaire, I take my time to build your physiological, psychological and spiritual profiles. Your physical and emotional symptoms, your base vibrational make and the current state of your subtle biology paint a unique and comprehensive picture of your condition.

My analysis allows me to gain an insight into your physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses, talents and untapped potentials, deep aspirations and obstructions, relationships with yourself and others. This information helps me to help you to better understand yourself and your potential. I deeply believe that knowing and understanding your Self is the first, possibly,  most important step, towards your healing.



Your treatment will involve complementary psychotherapy that is intuitive, tested, and rooted in millennia-old wisdom of ancient healing arts as well as science and contemporary philosophies. You may choose to complement your psychotherapy with the treatment with vibrational remedies (in particular, for physiological issues) and/or subtle energy work. Conscious mental-emotional work and spiritual understanding are the backbones of the therapeutic part of the treatment, as most physical issues are deeply rooted in our psyche – our traumas, beliefs, and perceptions.

All therapeutic work is done via Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, or telephone. Please connect with me at the agreed time on +44 (0)7807290032. Your vibrational remedies will be sent via the post.



When the root cause of your issue is clearly defined, your healing begins. I believe that 50% of the success of any treatment depends on the root causes are correctly identified. These are usually multiple. The rest is down to your strong desire to heal, active participation, keeping an open mind, receiving the right help, and whether it’s the right time for you to heal. Are you ready?

Your first appointment is the most intensive session, full of new discoveries and experiences. Many things you will hear and try for the first time in your life. So, please, be prepared! Among other things, together, we will uncover the unique, multi-faceted You and start the process of understanding, accepting and harmonizing your complex being. You will discover many qualities of yourself that you couldn’t define. You will learn how to develop your positive traits and transform and transcend those that no longer serve you. The main thing, you will discover how to feel whole and how to be You.



Your peace of mind and trust are very important to me. It is my promise to you that our work together will remain strictly confidential and will never be shared with any third parties (please read about exceptional circumstances on the Frequently Asked Questions page).

As a complementary health practitioner, I am bound by the governing ethical guidelines and laws of the UK. I abide by the Codes of Ethics and Practice and hold professional insurance.

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All appointments take place via digital media: Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, phone, etc.

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