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The main aim of my work is to help my clients to return to their optimal state of health as quickly, safely and effectively as possible. I believe in empowering people – enabling them to learn new ways of dealing with and healing their own issues. My approach to therapy always encompasses body, mind and spirit. Therefore I often use several different modalities and techniques in a single session.

The main focus is positive results every time you come here. People often have questions about aspects of my work, or the techniques used. I will try to address as many of those issues as possible here. If your question is not answered here, however, please contact me, and I’ll be happy to help.

What physical issues can be treated?

Almost any physical issue can be helped. Among the issues I have treated successfully are: digestive disorders, allergies, pain related conditions, autoimmune diseases, sleep issues, skin problems, hormonal issues, diabetes, urinary and reproductive problems, even some cancrers, to mention justa a few.

Do you treat mental health issues?

Yes. The majority of my clients come to me with treatment-resistant mental health issues. Among successfully treated issues are: stress related issues, anxiety, depression, phobias, personality disorders, substance misuse issues, eating disorders, psychosis, PTSD, suicidal ideations and many others.

How can you help me achieve emotional, spiritual and energetic balance?

Circumstances causing emotional and spiritual disharmony can be improved, as, often, they are rooted inside our own psyche. Most common successfully treated issues in my practice are: relationships problems, self-love issues, limiting beliefs,  faulty perceptions and identity issues, feeling disempowered, laking direction, inspiration and purpose in life, feeling unfulfilled and emotionally numb, loss of faith, as well as energy system imbalances and harmful energies influences.

How long will my first session take and what is the price?

Your first appointment will generally last around 90 minutes and will include the ‘diagnostic’, treatments, and remedies, if applicable. Please visit Price page for more information.

How many appointments will I need?

This will depend on your condition and how responsive you are. I suggest that 3 is the average number of sessions for any condition. However, people vary, and some only need one appointment, while others come weekly for their maintenance or in order to achieve deeper healing and learn new techniques and healing approaches.

Can I choose a particular therapy for my session?

Yes. You can request to experience a particular therapeutic modality. However, please inform me prior to your session, and I will advise you whether your chosen therapy is suitable for your condition. I don’t usually offer a single therapy for any condition, as each condition is complex and can be traced back to many causes. For instance, almost any physical disease is rooted in psychological or/ and spiritual imbalances, requiring different approach to each of its elements. The most important task for any therapist is to identify true root-causes of the problem at hand. The treatment is then a relatively straightforwd task.

Do you posses extrasensory abilities?


Are you against any medical interventions?

No. Both conventional and traditional medicine have their place, uses and benefits. However, I will ask you about any of your recent and current medical procedures and medications you might be taking prior starting my work with you. Sometimes, it’s better to complete one mode of treatment before commensing another one.

For instance, if you are currently undergoing an IVF treatment for infertility, planning to, or have recently had one, you will be advised to wait for at least one month following your last unsuccessful IVF session before starting therapy with me. If you are being medically treated for cancer, I will only be able to offer you suportive therapies that will not interfere with your main treatment. We will be able to deal with the causes of your disease, support your mental, emotional and energetic systems, but will have to wait with restoring your immune system till after your chemo- or radiotherapy are completed.

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